A Brief History of Apple Inc

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A brief history of the organization
“Apple Inc. founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was incorporated on January 3, 1977 and its central corporation resides in Cupertino, California” (Apple Inc., 2014). Apple is a world-wide organization that is known for programming, designing, developing, creating and selling consumer electronics. The company is mainly known for their Macintosh line of computers, Mac OS X software, iTunes media application and also the iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet and the iPod personal portable media player.
During the 1990’s, Apple Computer now known as Apple incorporated was a manufacturer of personal computers pertaining to some failed products like the “Apple Portable and the Newton Computer which both were said to be bulky and awkward for customers. Also the Apple II Computer, Macintosh and Power Mac faced low customer sales during the 1990’s; this lead to Steve Jobs being kicked out of the company Apple Computer in 1985. Steve however returned to become Apple’s Chief Executive Officer in 1996.” (Dave, 2011) Steve Jobs created a new philosophy for the company which led to its everlasting success until now. Jobs put forward to create a recognized line of products with simple design. In 2001, with the iPod music player being introduced to the world-wide marketplace was the beginning of the company’s success. Apple Inc. was then established by dropping the “Computer” from its name and established itself as a predominant

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