A Brief History of China Essay

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China is on the verge of becoming the next Super Power like the United States and Great Britain. The reason why I am writing this paper is to relay information to you regarding China as it was and how it is now. China blossomed quicker than any other country in the beginning and later stalled in progress throughout its history. Culture is the end statement of a people’s identity. According to Merriam-Webster it is a way of thinking, behaving or working that exists in a place or organization (Dictionary). In this paper, we will not be discussing about a place or organization, but instead of a country rich in culture. My discussion will be about the country of China’s history, economy, weather, terrain and people.
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Next came the Sui Dynasty (581 AD- 618 AD). This dynasty had improved upon the Great Wall. This wall protected the enemies of China, especially keeping their mortal enemy the Mongolians at bay. This dynasty had also created the first manufactured canal known as the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal length is 2,400 miles long and 36 feet wide (Hook 185). They had also let the words of Buddhism reach across the land among the people with no interference. To assist in bridging the gap between the poor peasants and the rich upper class, a monetary class was established and enforced throughout the land (Hook 184). The last dynasty is the Sung. The Sung Dynasty (960 AD-1279 AD) had created huge cities of the time that allowed social programs (such as public postal services and welfare programs) to be created. This ignition of public meetings and exchanges of ideas assisted in the creation of new ideas and inventions. An example of this was gunpowder (which was very unstable, but highly usable) for the Chinese Military. Inventions of great magnitude will have come during this era. Most of all was the invention of gunpowder made from saltpeter. These inventions were the handgun (known as a fire-lance), grenades (small clay pottery the size of a fist) and exploding mines (ceramics disks the size of large belt buckles) (Fairbank
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