A Brief History of Cryptography

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Computer science is a vast field that includes nearly everything relating to computers. Everyday there is information transmitted all over the Internet. Pictures are uploaded, transactions are made on thousands of online retail websites, and banking transactions take place everyday on the Internet. All of these transactions have created a need for secure communications. People wish to keep things like banking, medical, and political information from the eyes of unwelcome parties. This has created a need for cryptography. Cryptography is the science or study of the techniques of secret writing, especially code and cipher systems, and is used by everyone from the average citizen to the government and military.
Cryptography was first used
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Technology will continue advancing and that necessary to crack encryptions will become readily available to those looking for it (12). Therefore, it is necessary to develop new methods to ensure security in the future. This had led to quantum cryptography, which is a potentially uncrackable form of communication (12). According to physicist Duncan Earl, quantum cryptography is a future-proof technology (13). Quantum cryptology requires that the two parties create and share a secret key, unlike in public-key encryption (13). Instead of using factoring to secure the key shared between two parties, photons of light are used (13). If a third party tries to intercept the photons, discrepancies will show and the two parties will know the connection is no longer secure (13). The law of physics states that in order to make a measurement on light, a disturbance must be made (13). This means that it would be impossible to intercept the secret key without alerting the sender and receiver. Public-key encryption relies on the trust that the computationally difficult problem used to share the key is too strong for any computer out there to break (13). However, photons are not made for long distance use (13). In order for this quantum cryptography theory to work for everyone, the range would need to be much larger.
Aside from the different types of crytopgraphy, there are also different functions (Goldwasser 16). Two important types of
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