A Brief History of Cuba

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In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on what is now Bariay, Holguin province. He claimed this piece of land for Spain and originally named it Isla Juana after the Prince of Asturias, Juan. In the mid-16th century an outbreak of measles wiped out two-thirds of the natives, which most of them had survived the outbreak of smallpox previously. In the 19th century Cuba’s people were slaves, outraged slaves began to rebel with the intention to win independence from the Spanish. In April of 1898 Spain and Cuba went to war with Americas involvement which resulted in the Treaty of Paris in August of 1898 where Spain ceded Puerto Rico, Philippines, Cuba, and Guam. On May 20, 1902 The United States of America allowed Cuba to gain its independence. The newly written constitution stated that the United States retained the right to intervene in Cuba’s affairs. In 1933 the Sergeants’ revolt occurred. Leader of the revolt, Sergeant Fulgencio Batista overthrew Cespedes. After Cespedes was overthrown Ramon Grau San Martin was named as provisional president, but in 1934 he resigned leaving Batista the presidency. Eventually Cuban natives were unsatisfied with the way Batista ran the country; exiled in 1959 Batista fled to Portugal. Eventually Fidel Castro took over and converted the country to communism, which led Cuba into the best and the worst of times. After Batista was exiled to Portugal, Fidel Castro took over. The United States retained the right to intervene in their affairs and
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