A Brief History of Guitar Music and Composers

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He was a Spanish renaissance composer who was the first composer to write and publish music for the vihuela.
In 1536, Milan published a book entitled Libro de Música de Vihuela de Mano Intitulado de Maestro. This book is his most famous, and is the first book in history that consisted of vihuela music. It included many villancicos, pavanas, and over 40 fantasias. It also included vocal pieces with accompaniment provided by the vihuela. It was organized so that the harder pieces were towards the end of the book and the easier ones were first. It also contained alternate passages in some of the pieces for more advanced players.
Milan wrote various other books besides the one mentioned before. The first book that he wrote was called El Juego de Mandar. It was published in 1535 and was a parlor game book that also included music in it. His last written publication, El Cortesano, was written in 1561. It did not include any music but instead was a book that described the typical life of a professional musician at the time that he was working for the court, which was before 1538.
Not much is known about Milan’s life, except that he lived in Valencia for the majority of his life and worked for the ducal court up until the time he began to publish music. He dedicated his book of vihuela music to King John III of Portugal, which could mean that he visited or lived in Portugal for a while.
Milan was not only…
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