A Brief History of Racism in America

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It is unknown how long North America has been occupied. There were certainly people on the land far before Christopher Columbus alighted in 1492. However, the United States’ history shows a lucid feeling of dominance emanating from Europeans as they moved in to the New World. As time passed and the people who resided in North America change, it becomes evident that white Americans were exceedingly racist and not very accepting towards those who were not like them. Three groups in particular, Native Americans, African Americans, and the Chinese, faced hardships as the United States issued policies against these groups and changed their lives. Native Americans in particular were abused by white people in the States. From the 16th century…show more content…
However, other laws and regulations such as black codes, which controlled and restricted the activity of freemen and showed clear discrimination towards them, and Jim Crow laws, which segregated black men from whites, regulated these new found rights and made it clear that the white man was still dominant. African Americans would have to fight for hundreds of years before they could be treated equally to a white man. Lastly, the Chinese faced many discriminatory factors as more and more immigrants moved into America for a chance at becoming rich. They first began immigrating into California in large numbers around 1820. By 1849, a large gold rush was underway in Western United States. More Chinese began to come to the Americas in order to get in on the action and become a part of the new get-rich-quick movement. By 1880, there were more than 100,000 Chinese immigrants and they formed more than one-tenth of California’s population. Many American citizens were disturbed and dismayed that the Chinese seemed to be “taking over” their land, profiting and gaining from it. During this time, the immigrants faced extreme racial prejudice until finally in 1885 the Chinese Exclusion Act was put into effect. This stated that no more Chinese immigrants were to be
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