A Brief History of the Mi’kmaq

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As the environmental movement has brought attention to the severe ecological degradation that has occurred all over the world since the Industrial Revolution, more and more attention is also being brought to the injustices that have divided and marginalized certain members of society, both on local and global scales. Arguably the worst affected have been indigenous peoples worldwide. European colonialism brought pestilence, rape, murder and the destruction of entire civilizations to some of the most culturally and biologically diverse regions of the world. The remnants of those cultures that managed to survive are now being subjected to neo-colonialism in the form of expansive trade and globalization. Cultures, like species, evolve over time due to various pressures. It is not reasonable to assume a culture will remain static, but when the traditions, language, and lifestyle of thousands of peoples are eradicated within a 500 year time span, that is no longer evolution, but intentional extinction. Some cultures managed to stay somewhat intact, but they are under a new threat to assimilate to the homogeneity of language, culture, and technology brought on by globalization or face extinction. Some peoples are doing what they can to fight the annihilation of their unique identity. One such culture is that of the Mi’kmaq of eastern Canada. A Brief History of the Mi’kmaq The Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, and Passamaquoddy had inhabited the Atlantic region stretching from Maine to

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