A Brief Lok at Belgian Chocolate

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The top exporter of chocolate is Germany (Abraham et al, 2012). Furthermore, Belgium is not only ranked among the most significant exporters of chocolate, rather is rated seventh among the nations consuming the highest quantities of chocolate after the UK, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany. It has also been submitted that chocolate is among the primary products traditionally linked to Belgium.
The nation of Belgium is renowned for its chocolate and takes every chance to promote this asset. The nation has a lot to give to the cocoa chain across the world (Elshof, 2012). In addition, Belgians consume large quantities of chocolate. Yet this nation prides itself in the finest chocolate quality given the fact that it is the home to a large number of small chocolate firms, acknowledged across the globe. Most important is the fact that since the last twenty years, different chocolatiers initiated business to manufacture chocolates. A nation could not desire for a better input to its economy than an industry, which proudly employs the term Belgian on its wrappings and outlets for its major products (Elshof, 2012). However, it must be noted that Belgium is not just a marketing tool for packets of chocolates. Barry Callebaut, a Belgian…

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