A Brief Look at American Exceptionalism

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The image stands out globally and defines the U.S. as a nation founded on a viable constitution since its inception in 1776. The other inferences linked to its uniqueness include strong political institutions and American Revolution. These events happened relatively at the same period in the rich American history. Thereafter, they contributed to the modern day American Exceptionalism. In this regard, the American Revolution and the emancipation from the British rule contributed to the American Exceptionalism ideology. However, different schools of thought have emerged that present different views on the subject of Exceptionalism.
For example, others argue that the sense of Exceptionalism is a far reaching ideology and diverts from the political aspect. They suggest that the American uniqueness comes from the vast wealth and resources possessed by the nation. Another different theory explains that the Exceptionalism comes from the freedom enjoyed by the Americans. Moreover, others argue that it is as a result of North American inheritance of resources that are depicted partially by Canada. Therefore, there is a need to clarify the American Exceptionalism ideology, its resources and influence on the American society and the world at large. This paper approaches the matter argumentatively while…
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