A Brief Look at Amnesia

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Amnesia is when people forget things easily. They tend to forget information that is stored in their memory. If you are a little forgetful it doesn’t mean you have amnesia, but if you forget a lot of memories that you should have not forgot you have amnesia. Examples of amnesia are important milestones in your life, memorable events, key people in life, and important fact that we have been told or taught. Just like you see something happen and then someone asks you what happened and you can’t remember. Normal causes could be from brain damage or using sedative drugs. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the big diseases you could get from amnesia. People find it hard to imagine the future if they have amnesia. (Researchers form Washington University in St. Louis, Christina Nordqvist. 2009) used advanced brain imaging techniques to show the remembering the past and envisioning the future may go hand-in-hand, with each process sparking strikingly similar patterns of activity within precisely the same broad network of brain regions. Remembering events and experiences is a very complex brain process. Although amnesia is a popular theme for movies and books, it is a very rare condition (Christina Nordqvist, 2009). Retrograde Amnesia is when you get a blow to the head that could lose memory for certain details or events that occurred prior. The lost memories return slowly, but the older memoires tend to come back first. In almost all cases investigated, memories for recent events have
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