A Brief Look at Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse Amy Jade Winehouse is a 23 time music award winner with 60 nominations. She was an English singer-songwriter that inspired the world. With her sweeping eyeliner and intense 60’s inspired beehive hairdo, Amy Winehouse earned her status through her powerful music, rebellious childhood, and tragic death; the world appreciated her music and ultimately her death. Amy was born and raised in Southgate, England on September 14, 1983. She was born into a family that was jewish and partly russian. She had her father Mitch, mother Janis and older brother Alex. Although, when the Winehouse’s divorced Amy and Alex spent most of their time with their mother where she lived in a suburb in Southgate, London. Her family was constantly surrounded by music, she had many talented jazz musicians in the family on her mothers side. She grew up messing around with her brothers guitar and eventually taught herself how to play. A couple years later she got her very own first guitar. Due to her family's obsession with music she grew up listening to all types of music from James Taylor to Sarah Vaughn. Around the age of ten she began to listen to more rebellious music such as rock and rap which led to her rebellious childhood. When Amy turned twelve years old she got into a very prestigious school called Sylvia Young Theatre School. This school was very well known and hard to get into considering the many famous musicians that have gone there in the past. Unfortunately, around

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