A Brief Look at Apple Incorporated

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Apple is one of the most revolutionary industries the world over. Famous for renovating the way we interact life forever with their technological genius forming what we know today as the computer; specifically the Macintosh. This company started out in a garage in Silicon Valley, created by 2 college dropouts with aptitude and vision. Growing to be a giant know and recognized all over the world. Inspirational design, sleek graphics, rebellious form, they cut a mold for themselves. History Lets begin by going all the way back to the time period around 1975 long before the formation of the corporation. Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak had just dropped out of their respective higher learning institutions; Reed College for Jobs, UC Berkeley for Wozniak. Having after the fact gotten jobs working in the technological fields of Hewlett Packard for Wozniak and Atari for Jobs. Thus gaining a foundational background that would support them when they came together to create the Apple I computer. On the 1st of April 1976, Apple Computer was born. Amazing as this was, the Apple 1 was not a success. It ended up being kicked under the rug, and generally did not cause others to be taken a back. So Steve and Steve went back to the drawing board and came up with the Apple II, which blew, open the floodgates at a trade show. Complete with plastic casing (the first of it’s kind), and color graphics, it was truly ingenious. Orders came
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