A Brief Look at Camptothecin

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Camptothecin Anticancer drugs are used to prohibit the maturation and productivity of cancerous cells and tumours (4). These particular drugs travel to different locations within the body and ultimately destroy these cells. Anticancer drugs are used in conjunction with other forms of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and sometimes surgery depending on the level of metastasis (4). Camptothecin (CPT) is a potent anti-tumour agent (1) and it is derived from the plant Camptotheca acuminate (Nyssaceae), Xi Shu which in translation means the Happy Tree. It is predominately located in Tibet and Western China (3) and belongs to the Tupelo family of trees. In this region the plant is used as a protector and a barrier against excessive sun exposure as well as in Chinese medicines and natural remedies. Its quick growing nature and tall structure is what makes it so readily available. With the stem, the root and the seeds in the plant all containing the active ingredient Camptothecin, ample amounts of the drug is obtainable from each individual tree. Moist and warm conditions are the best growing conditions for the C.acuminate plant which many try to imitate in other parts of the world to grow the plant themselves seeing as its use is very desireable.2 Extraction: The process of extracting Camptothecin from Camptotheca acuminate leaves (as this is where the highest concentration of Camptothecin resides) is achieved by using homogenate extraction therapy. Originally the

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