A Brief Look at Climate Change

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There is no doubt that climate change is happening around the world. Climate change is occurring everywhere, but not everyone can see it. Some people fail to realize that climate change is happening because they aren’t aware of what it is. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is “the change in global climate patterns are attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.” Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the air, which captures the sun’s heat. In return, the earth is warming up. This epidemic is occurring globally, but it affects certain regions and cities differently. Therefore, climate change should be looked at from various scales. The first scale would be globally because it is a worldwide issue. Climate change affects the earth as a whole. For example, temperature is being affected in a large scale. According to “Climate Change: Global, Regional and Urban”, Earth’s temperature has averaged an increase of 1.1 degrees Fahrenheit annually (“Climate Change” 1). This tendency is predicted to remain with years to come. Another large-scale issue is the greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases affect water supply. If the greenhouse gases are not reduced at the global scale, more people will suffer water scarcity. Other tendencies that occur globally like temperature are heat waves, cold waves, heavy precipitation and obliteration of ecosystems. The second scale would be regionally. When looking at climate change affects on regional

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