A Brief Look at Cocaine

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The drug cocaine is one of the most powerful and harmful drug around. It is addictive and directly affects the brain. Cocaine is a social issue because people who are addicted to this drug walk around on the streets and others may feel as if it is a disturbance. Cocaine is made from as pure chemical called, cocaine hydrochloride, which has been around for over 100 years derived from the coca plant. Cocaine was first made from a leaf of a coca bush, grew in Peru and Bolivia. In 1900’s it was a man drug and used to treat illness. Cocaine is sold on the street as a fine white crystalline powdered. Natives in South America were chewing coca leaves way back in 3000 b.c. these leaves gave them a lift and helped with exhaustion and hunger. In 2002, an estimation of 1.5 million Americans is classified as being abused by cocaine in the past 12 months. Adults ages 18 to 25 have the highest rate of cocaine usage. Overall, men have a higher rate of cocaine use than women do. Current rates of cocaine users are 2.0 percent American, Indian, or Alaskan Natives, 1.6 percent for African Americans 0.8 percent for Whites and Hispanics, 0.6 percent for Native Hawaiian and 0.2 percent Asians. There have been over 15000 deaths annually associated with all stimulants, cocaine having the majority of deaths. In the year of 1998, 300,000 infants were born addicted to cocaine. Cocaine is referred to many things on thee street such as Aunt Nora, Dream, Blow, Barbs, foo- foo dust and witch and
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