A Brief Look at Critical Theory

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Critical Theory
The critical theory arose from the Frankfurt School, the collective works of German theorists. Critical theory’s roots are centered on the works of The Institute for Social Research and those researchers who promoted Karl Marx theory of idealism. Intellectuals at the school developed kritisch Therorie, the critical theory of society, which was created to directly interpret Marxism. These theorists wanted to revise Marx’s theory that capitalism and the concept that the best way to change the structure of society and politics was a revolution.
Critical theory and materialism are closely linked, the two elements that link these two ideas are; 1. The concern with human happiness, and 2. The belief that happiness can be granted by a transformation of the material conditions of existence. Marcuse’s version of critical theory was greatly influenced from the works of Hegel and Marx. He combined their thoughts, concluding that history is the ground in which humans seek the freedom to establish universal rationality.
Technological rationality, an extension of Weber’s work conducted by Marcuse, argued that modern industrial society was dominated by a technological rationality with the working middle class as societies defenders and supporters. A concern was the cost of material satisfaction was causing society to lose their individual liberties and freedom. This rational makes two claims, the workers of an industrial society suffer from false consciousness and

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