A Brief Look at Desalination

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Name: Oluchi Eziuche Emenike
Date: 2nd May, 2014

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The design project was about a desalination process making use of superheated steam from the solar system as electricity and using waste heat in the heat exchangers to produce pure water which can be used for domestic activities. Basic data was provided and some assumptions were made to aid the mass and energy balance.
After the mass and energy balance was completed and the flow rates and salt content for all streams obtained, the heat duty required by each heat exchanger was also estimated from the values obtained in the mass and energy balance and also using the specific heats required. The heat transfer area of the heat exchangers were calculated as well based on the heat duty, heat transfer coefficient of each heat exchanger and the log mean temperature difference which was found by determining the temperatures of the hot and cold fluids in and…

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