A Brief Look at Dreams

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Dreams are notable for their hallucinatory imagery, discontinuities, and incongruities and for the dreamer's delusional acceptance of the content and later difficulties. These are the words from David G. Myers in his book “Exploring Psychology”. There are four major stages in sleep NREM-1, NREM-2, NREM-3 and REM. Dreams occurs in REM stage and last about ten minutes. But many of us has question- Why we Dream? What are the theories behind the dream? Mostly our dreaming events will be from data today events. Still we are not sure what we are going to dream.

We dream because we need to satisfy our wishes. Humans are not all satisfied with what they have they always urge for new facilities and pleasure. So it is very difficult to make happy a human. World has a bunch of things which attracts them and it is impossible to have it. One of my dreams was about studies. I was totally upset about one of my scores in one of my subject. I think about it a lot on that day. I just went to sleep. I saw a great dream that I have score very good in my subjects and become the student of the year in university. I was as happier about my success. This best explain the theory: Dream is for satisfying our wishes. According to Freud we dreams only to satisfy our ambitions wishes and about our success.…

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