A Brief Look at Failing Service at Little Ochie Seafood and Restaurant

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A Brief Look at Failing Service at Little Ochie Seafood and Restaurant College of Business and Hospitality Management Marketing in a Service Organization Julia Graham 11090057 Tracey-Ann Ellis 13090103 Rashida King Racquel Hudson 11100104 Roy Palmer 11030554 Kish-Wayne Wade Northern Caribbean University Mr. Jonas Semugeshi December 3, 2012 Table of Content Content Page Acknowledgement---- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Background-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-6 Services…show more content…
This research will highlight some of the problems that little Ochie faces in delivering their services. As a result of not following procedures in carrying out one’s core duties lies problems, and as a result of these problems a company thus faces the consequences of failing to suitably develop and deliver its core and supplementary services to customers. Therefore, being able to properly identify a company’s core problems it is inevitable to highlight the effects of these problems. After identifying the problems the organization faces it is only admissible to provide the recommendations to rectify these problems. Background The little Ochie Seafood restaurant was founded in 1989 by Evrol ‘Blackie’ Christian. Little Ochie has blossomed into one of Jamaica’s favorite eating haunt. What was formerly a one man operation, now employees over 30 people from the community of alligator pond in southern Manchester. Blackie is still very much at the helm and sure to be there to ‘spice-up’ your meal with all his secret ingredients. Little Ochie, in the out-of-the way district of Alligator Pond, is one of these. Miles from the nearest town of Mandeville, it is, nevertheless, the spot where the who’s who of Manchester and St. Elizabeth go to eat seafood – a la Jamaique – and let their hair down in the strong winds that harass that area of the South coast. For over ten years this talented team of young chefs Spending, Canai, Coute, Butty and Dennis has

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