A Brief Look at Field Hockey

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There are hundreds of sports that are played all around the world; they are played outdoors, indoors, and even underwater. One of these sports is hockey; hockey is played in a few ways, street, floor, ice, and field. Although not widely televised, field hockey is popular in Canada, the United States, Eastern Europe and regions where ice-hockey is most popular. It is played in about 112 countries and is known to be one of the top six athletic teams in the world. Though the origin of field hockey is unknown, drawings about 4,000 years old have depicted men playing a like version of hockey in the Beni Hasan Tombs of Egypt. Field hockey is believed to be around for about 4,000 years; after periods of time, hockey evolved to how it is played today. In the middle ages, hockey was very popular all around Europe, it was played in different ways and each region had a different name for it. There were many people who were a fan of the sport, but there were also people who hated it. In the 1300’s King Edward III of England passed a proclamation to ban the playing of hockey along with a few other intense sports. In addition to the banning of the sport, women weren’t always allowed to play field hockey, it was considered too intense and dangerous for women to handle until the late 1800’s when it was first introduced to British Universities. In the early 1900’s a physical education teacher by the name of Constance M.K. Applebee introduced field hockey to the United States. Field Hockey

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