A Brief Look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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In the history of America, we have had a total of 44 presidents; some have been great, and others have been not so great. Presidents should be graded based on how they handle three main grading points: the economy, foreign policy, and equal rights. From our very first president, George Washington, to our most recent president, Barack Obama a good economy is very important because it gives people a better living by giving them job opportunities and a way for people to make money. Foreign policy protects America and her citizens; countries need allies in the world in order to survive. Equal rights are important to the U.S because it shows that everyone has the same rights—African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, men and women, etc. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30th, 1882 to James and Sara Roosevelt in New York. When FDR was fourteen years old, his parents sent him to Groton School, an exclusive private school that educated sons of some of the most wealthy and powerful American families (millercenter.org), where he was never popular amongst the other students. After graduating, Roosevelt went on to Harvard College in 1900. After his father passed away, Roosevelt pursued social status rather than grades. Although historians are unaware of his motives into getting into politics, there are some reasons that seem central: “First, FDR truly disliked being a lawyer. Second, he enjoyed meeting new challenges and new people, both of which were integral to political
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