A Brief Look at Global Warming

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Obviously the name explains it; the globe becoming warmer. But what does it mean “to become warmer”? The sun isn’t getting hotter; the world isn’t traveling closer to the sun. Global warming is when rapid moving particles collide more and more with other rapid moving particles and are trapped by the atmosphere’s thick layer of gas molecules. As more heat is trapped, particles that are in earth’s atmosphere collide with each other. As more collisions are present, the average kinetic energy which is the average speed at which the particles collide with one another increases therefore the temperature increases which affects many aspects of life.
A predominant factor as to why global warming happens is more gas particles exposed in the air because of an increase in gases produced by industries. Gases such as CO2 and SO2 are constantly harming our environment by regularly adding more harmful gasses into our atmosphere. Due to forest fires, industries, factories, and new found technology such as the car, many harmful gas molecules are surrounding us. These harmful gas molecules collide with our healthy atmospheric particles which make the amount of gas particles increase dreadfully. Since more collisions between these different particles are occurring, the average kinetic energy is raised therefore the temperature increases as well. As more particles are added into the atmosphere, it becomes denser and gasses are getting trapped into our…
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