A Brief Look at Long Term Care

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Centuries ago as people aged and needed assistance with care including hygiene, meals, toileting and moving around, were given assistance from members of their family within the home. Most of these cares were provided by elderly patient daughters to care for them so they can continue to live home. The number of females in the workforce has increased over the years however the increase of females in the workforce is affecting the age females are having children therefore parents are entering their elderly years when their daughters are in their prime of their work years making it difficult to be available to provide care. Life expectancy has increased which means there are more people living longer and entering the age when they may need care. People who need assistance with care tend to find it hard to seek help, as they believe this is a sure sign they are getting old as they can no longer effectively care for themselves and sometimes takes a toll on the self esteem. Children of elderly patients tend to reluctant to admit they can no longer care for their parents as this may imply they no longer care to their parents. As older people we often pride on our independence and privacy and the thought of giving that control someone else is very scary for many elderly patients. This does hinder elderly patients from starting the process of seeking long term care (LTC). According to Wikipedia “Long-term care is a variety of services which help meet both the medical and
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