A Brief Look at Luke Bryan

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Luke Bryan
“OMG!!!!!!! Its Luke Bryan” screamed the girl right behind me .I turned around quickly and there stood the best country music singer ever. Girls screaming, lights shining everywhere, and Luke Bryan standing in the middle of the stage now that’s a perfect scenario. Luke Bryan has captured the hearts of many teenage girls with his tantalizing voice. Luke Bryan might sound like your average country music superstar but in reality he is so much more. Luke Bryan is known for more than just his amazing good looks. He’s known for his country music career which started in 2007. Luke Bryan has won the attention of millions of people due to his singing career. Some people might say he’s the Elvis Presley of this era. Luke Bryan is the best country music singer because he’s sold more albums, has more no. 1 singles, and won more awards than anyone else.
Luke Bryan is the best country music singer. Therefore, he has sold more albums than anyone else. Starting with his first album in 2007 “I’ll stay me”. Since then he has produced 5 more albums “doing’ my thing” (2009),”tailgates & tanlines” (2011), “spring break….here to party” (2013),” crash my party” (2013) spring break 6…like we aint ever (2014). He also has won more or been nominated for more awards than anyone else. He has been nominated for 44 awards and has won 23. He won his first award in 2010 for the USA weekend breakthrough video of the year for his song “Do I”. In 2013 he won the award for ACM entertainer of the

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