A Brief Look at Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan had accomplished many more goals than the average NBA basketball player; Jordan was a basketball player, business entrepreneur, an actor, and was an Olympic athlete (Michael Jordan returns to the NBA for ‘The love of the game. Page 1). Not many people have a resume like that. One of the most important people, who had a lot of impact on basketball, baseball and even in the world today, was Michael Jordan. Jordan had gone through a lot to get where he was; he was cut from his sophomore basketball team. He had gone to college at North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Michael Jordan returns to the NBA for ‘The love of the game. Page 1). There was also a death that he had to get through as well. Even though he had struggled though many obstacles in his lifetime, he had gotten through them, especially through retiring and coming back. Jordan loved to help kids and support foundations to help others. Many people today even wear his clothing as well as shoes. Jordan had a tremendous influence on people throughout the years; he was also one of the few athletes that everyone knows worldwide.
Michael Jeffery Jordan was born in New York and he was the fourth of five children. His parents then thought the streets of Brooklyn were unsafe to raise a family. As young children, he loved to play sports. Baseball was his first love, due to the love of the sport by his father. His father and he would play catch in the yard on a daily basis. Then, Jordan started to play basketball just

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