A Brief Look at Mikhail Prokhorov

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He is a billionaire through his businesses in banking and mining, an owner of an NBA team, a bachelor who has seen a number of romances, and has ran for president of Russia with intentions to run again. In each of his ventures, Prokhorov has very high standards for himself. Upon purchasing the New Jersey Nets, whom he later moved to Brooklyn, he declared that if they had not won a championship in five years, he would get married. The marriage part was a joke, but his statement still shows his high ambitions for a weak team. If Prokhorov is able to get elected in politics, it may mark the end of his various business ventures. He stated that he would sell all his assets and focus singularly on politics if elected as president of Russia. Only time will tell if he retracts that statement as he did with his marriage statement.
Prokhorov attended the Moscow Finance Institute for his university education, which provided him a good base of information into the workings of finance. Prokhorov’s first job after graduating from college was at the International Bank for Economic Cooperation. This organization was Prokhorov’s first time working with a government organization, and may have influenced his decision to involve himself in politics later in life. Prokhorov was president of the Russian biathlon team until very recently. He always has very high expectations in his endeavors. While he was at Sochi for the Olympics, he…

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