A Brief Look at Nikolai Gogol

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Gogol has consistently satirized bureaucracy and lamented the consequential dehumanization, The General Inspector and Dead Souls are known for their satirical critique of the Russian aristocratic mentality and character. This paper seeks to approach and appreciate The Nose and The Overcoat as presenting a severe condemnation of 19th century Russian bureaucracy as a hypocrite and suffocating state. They also demonstrate the meaninglessness, tragedy and injustice of so impersonal a society being inflicted upon its people. The Nose satirically portrays the ruptures and fissures in the society due to surfeit of aristocracy. Whereas The Overcoat charters the exploitation and degradation of an individual at the hands of beauraucratisation evoking a loss of identity, social invisibility, lack of creativity and encroachment of public into the private. In process of exploring the intensity of the pathological responses of policy makers creating an ‘accountability era of burgeoning bureaucracy’[1], I will be looking at the idea of bureaupathology as explored by Eugeine Samier in his study titled Corruption, Futility and Madness: Relating Gogol’s Portrayal to a Bureaupathology to an Accountability Era. The analysis will also include exploring the…
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