A Brief Look at Obamacare

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Obama care Obamacare is becoming a big deal in the united states and mainly texas. Obama said he was making health care his top priority. If he was making it his top priority then why is he trying to take away guns and passing laws i consider unconstitutional. In my opinion if he wanted to make health care his top priority he would offer it free. But no he is making discounted by what a few dollars. My step-father was trying to get it and was denied for the health care. The man needs that health care. but its not just him, it’s every other person who applies. honestly obamacare needs to be shut down effective immediately. not everybody can afford healthcare, like the homeless or the jobless. The supreme court spent three days arguing over the ACA, Affordable Care Act, otherwise know as obama care. Supreme court agrees that it is a bad law to have in the U.S.A. Should the supreme court uphold the law? That is the main question buzzing around. Only a few senators had time to read the 2,700 page bill before it was brought to vote. Honestly the bill is not equal in anyway at all. If we say that this family has a $70,000 annual income (roughly the median for two earner couples), then the cost of the health care policy would be close to 20 percent of their income, even adding in the $11,240 employer contribution to their income. If people make any less then they are pretty much screwed. if you want my opinion then he should make his own health care and make it free. that
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