A Brief Look at Otis Elevators

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Otis Elevator (Himanshu Bansal)
Business Context/Key Business Drivers
• World’s top manufacturer & servicer of elevators, escalators, moving walkways.
• Otis sold products in more than 200 countries. Revenues- $8 Billion in 2003.
• Headquarter in Farmington, Connecticut. Engineering plants in 6 other countries.
• Had 60,000 employees, 90% of them worked outside US.
• Operations organized into 7 regions: North and South America, South Europe, Middle East, North and East Europe, Uk and Central Europe, N Asia, S Asia, Japan.
• Driver-Reengineer business process, CRM, SCM, reduce cycle time, centralize services, get recognized as a service company rather than manufacturing. Initiative Objective/Benefits
Objectives Benefits
Otis wanted to centralize service delivery, response time and product issues. • With OTISLINE, 160 people together worked 24 hours a day
• Drastically reduced response time of 1 second or less/customer
• Aggregated information from multiple data sources

Impart Knowledge of the problem to senior management before it became critical. • Improved business service visibility to management
• Effective quality service of customer
Redefine its process, include new equipment design, supply chain, delivery and field installation. • Better delivery of performance for units under maintenance
• Delivery of world class service for customers
Reduce cycle time and increase quality of
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