A Brief Look at Parenthood

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As a mother, she becomes protective of her offspring when he/she is in the womb. Gaining a scene of responsibility to care, nurture, and love her child a mother’s job is just beginning. The father also gains his responsibility to guide, teach, and raise his son or daughter to become the best person they can be. The most important teachings are legal responsibilities, physical needs, and education. Parenthood can be a beautiful and a wonderful experience when you teach and grow with your child.
Although parenthood may be considered as raising the child when teaching them legal responsibility at a young age will raise awareness of what’s wrong and right. A parent’s duty when teaching their kids right from wrong is to show them the consequences of doing wrong. When a child misbehave, receive bad grades, or not do as they were told punishment will be a consequence of them doing badly. When the child is doing good, getting good grades, or behaving than he or she deserves an award. The parent will have taught their son/daughter right and wrong in the household also within the society. Even though lesson one is down off the check list a parents job is never done.
In today’s society, health in youth plays a very important role at home and in school. Eating healthy and persistent exercise will reduce the chance of obesity and the HBP (High Blood Pressure) in children. Playing a sport, getting involved with gym class,…

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