A Brief Look at Pink Floyd

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They originally started performing in London’s underground scene in the late 60s, and under Syd Barrett’s creative leadership they released two charting singles and a successful debut album.

In December 1967, the group added David Gilmour as the band’s fifth member following the mental breakdown of Syd Barrett during their support of Jimi Hendrix during a tour of England. Eventually, Syd Barrett was moved to a nonperforming role, only writing songs and nothing else. This stopped when a mixture of Syd’s unpredictable behavior at the time and idiosyncratic sense of humor occurred and created a song that, initially, seeming like an ordinary Barrett tune. However, as the others attempted to join in and learn the song, Barrett changed the melodies and structure, making it impossible for the others to learn. The song was, fittingly enough, named “Have You Got It Yet?”

Barrett eventually totally left the band, leaving only 3 of the original members. After this, the band released 8 other studio albums, and grew immensely popular thanks to Roger Waters’ ideas. However, Waters eventually became greatly annoyed with the fame, and even went to the point of spitting in the face of some particularly annoying fans during a concert in Montreal.

During the creation of one of their most theatrical and thought-provoking…
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