A Brief Look at Playing Tennis

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction In affluent society, playing tennis is a sport which requires high endurance, patience and full physical strength’s activity. Besides, it also requires equipment which is the tennis racquet. In the early century, most of the tennis racquets were made of laminated wood, with heads of around 65 in sq. [1] At that time, most of the tennis players have faced a problem during playing the tennis as the wooden racquets seem quite obsolete or perhaps even inadequate. In details, it is too far and too slow, weak, or heavy for professional tennis players who increasingly measure from the length that much higher about six feet. [1] Figure 1.1.1: Wooden tennis racquet In the late 1960s, T2000 steel tennis racquets were produced in which featured a wire wound around the frame to make string loops. [2] The steel tennis racquets were started to replace the wooden tennis racquets in order to solve the heavy and weak problems that caused by wooden tennis racquets as steel is stronger and lighter than wood. Although the steel tennis racquets is better than the wood racquet, the tennis players still faced a problem in terms of swing strength. Figure 1.1.2: Steel tennis racquet When the tennis racquet technologies came in 1975, an aluminium racket was introduced. This material was lighter than steel and allowed the construction of oversized tennis rackets. At that moment, the players could hit with more spin on the ball with 100+ in sq head sizes.
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