A Brief Look at Poliomyelitis

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Polio or poliomyelitis is a viral infection that normally affects kids below the age of 5years old. This childhood killer disease has been around for my centuries. Polio was first discovered my Jacob Heine in 1840 and later identified by Karl Landsteiner as poliomyelitis caused by polio virus from the enteric family of viruses. The polio virus is acquired through oral-fecal transmission. The Latin name simply means grey matter, and it is meaning inflation. There is a more serious form that can spread to the brain called polio encephalitis. The world over have cerebrated for the almost eradication of polio through improved sanitation, advancement in access to clean drinking water and aggressive vaccination campaign. There are challenges in recent years because the polio virus has re-emerged in places like Syria, Cameroun, Pakistan and Nigeria among others. In a CNN cable television report the cases of polio in Syria in particular is alarming, there are 100s of new polio cases due to failure of the health system because of a raging civil, sectarian war. The case of Pakistan and Nigeria are of religious extremism where they belief the vaccines are causing harm to their children. These are challenges faced with the eradication of this deadly childhood disease to name a few. The problem is not limited to only these countries, even in the United States of America are some Christian extremist who belief this vaccines makes their children sick. The world health organization (WHO),
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