A Brief Look at Porfirio Diaz

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Porfirio Diaz was the president of Mexico who was responsible for the modernization and industrialization that took place in the country. His motto was paz, orden y progresso, he didn’t want there to be wars in Mexico like there had been in prior years. He wanted there to be change and progress. In order to accomplish paz y orden he was known to be ruthless and crude. Diaz was not going to tolerate disloyalty or disobedience and for those who chose to do it anyways suffered the consequences. For some it would be exile and for others it would be going to work in the haciendas as peones. Furthermore for the first time Mexico had shown its potential and had begun to catch up with a rapidly changing world. The nation’s achievements in technology and culture went on display around the globe at world fairs and expositions in Europe and the United States (Deeds, Meyer & Sherman, p. 347). Diaz built the railroads that tied the nation together and provided the vision and the reality of modern economic development (Wasserman, p. 166). In addition to the railroads, two technological innovations spurred mining: the general use of electricity provided light, but more important, powered pumps, trams, and other crucial equipment (Wasserman, p. 175). Mexico was finally becoming the modern, industrialized country that people had envisioned. The railroad and mining brought jobs to Mexico so there were employment opportunities for those who wanted to work. For many Mexicans it meant leaving
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