A Brief Look at Rene Descartes

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Rene Descartes was a brilliant man who came up with many inventions and thoughts to put in people’s minds and let them ponder off and question life in itself. In one of the many things Rene Descartes created, he wrote a book called Discourse on the Method and Meditations. Descartes discusses how there are two main proofs of God’s existence, the casual argument in meditation three and the ontological argument in meditation five. There are a few differences between these two meditations and one is more convincing of the other, but Descartes needed these two proofs to prove a certain point. Also, he shares in meditation four how human error is possible even though a perfect God created humans. Although, those are points that Descartes spent a lot of time thinking about and attempting to prove, they are not really convincing points that can be believed. In the third meditation, Descartes discusses how God does in fact exists and is perfect. It is definitely more of a cosmological argument that is more so for the thinkers in the medieval times. Descartes claims “I think there for I am.” (Descartes, p. 19) He claims that an evil mastermind is misleading him, so he wants to prove that God exists. He believes of what an ideal being should be but that he could not come up with that idea on his own, and it was ingrained by God. He exists because God put the ability in his thoughts to be able to think. God exists in the real world because if he only existed in Descartes psyche, he
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