A Brief Look at Scientology

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1. What is a cult?
There is no exact, unified definition of a cult. Some people even believe that a cult isn’t a religious group. How I feel I could describe a cult is as follows. I feel a cult is negative for the outsiders and people that distance themselves from a cult after joining one for a while. But I feel that a cult is a very positive place for someone who is loyal and cooperative to the said cult. People change to the absolute extreme when joining/entering the cult. Any family member who is not part of the cult is to be banished from the Scientologist part of the family--never to be talked to again. If you’re a part of said cult, and you would like to not be part of the cult or any of cult activities, you are banished from any family members in the cult, and any friends in the cult. When you leave a cult, you are blackmailed to the point where some have left wherever they’re living at the time. They believe that they have to show how everyone is so happy. In a cult, they basically control every single thing they do, or that is how I feel as an outsider. Cults send members to recruit others, as said before, and the so-called recruiters are always so positive when talking about the cult they have joined and the cult they would like you you join. Once you join a cult, you are controlled to everything you do.
2. Is Scientology a cult?
Scientology is a cult, or at least, as I would understand it to be in my mind. So, yes. However, the faculty and followers of the Church
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