A Brief Look at Shirley Jane Temple

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Her life is one of the many interesting biographies to tell. Temple’s curly blonde ringlets and her “appealing lisp” (shirleytemplefans.com) brought in fans left and right. Shirley Temple was famous for phenomenal achievements that I now share with you. Temple and her fascinating acting, singing, and dancing skills led her to a very successful future.
Even though Shirley Jane Temple was a small celebrity; she made big progress. Temple became a big hit in 1934. Since she was the biggest box office attraction at such a young age; Temple learned to rely on herself. Shirley Temple was recognized for her ability to sing and tap dance (shirleytemplefans.com). Gertrude Temple, Temple’s mother, put her into dance classes at the age of 3 ½(biography.com). In 1934 “Bright Eyes” earned her a special academy award for “Outstanding Personality of 1934 (biography.com)”. During the 1930’s Temple managed to make 25 movies (World Book Encyclopedia).During the Great Depression; Shirley Temple was a leading child film actress (biography.com). Shirley appeared in several films with Bill Robinson during her early acting ages (World Book Encyclopedia). Although Temple was so young, she seemed more mature than other adults around her. Temple received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 2005.…
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