A Brief Look at Steve Jay Gould

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They explore the exhibits, but one in particular stands out to the child. In front of him stands a Tyrannosaurus rex. The five-year old boy was Stephen Jay Gould. He is quoted saying, “As we stood in front of the beast, a man sneezed; I gulped and prepared to utter my Sherman Yisrael. But the great animal stood immobile in all its bony grandeur, and as we left, I announced that I would be a paleontologist when I grew up,” (qtd. in “World Biography”). This proclamation was the beginning to a long and successful career in paleontology and evolution.
Stephen was born September 10, 1941 in New York, New York (“World Biography”). His mother’s name was Eleanor and she was an artist (“World Biography”). His father’s name was Leonard (“World Biography”). He was a court reporter and an unpaid naturalist on the side (“World Biography”). As a child, Stephen’s mother and three elementary school teachers supported his desire to learn about evolution. When he was eleven, he was well on his way to reading multiple books on the theory of evolution and Darwin’s beliefs (“World Biography”). This passion for science and the understanding of life followed him to high school. He was faced with the need to defend his belief of evolution when creationists challenged him (“World Biography”).
Gould finished high school and went on to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder…
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