A Brief Look at Steven Spielberg

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His 20 highest-grossing films grossed 8.45 billion. He is a three-time winner of the Oscar Award, twice as the best director of the year.
Spielberg was born on December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA), the son of a Jewish family engineer Arnold Spielberg and professional pianist Leah Adler (nee Posner).The mother had to give up the idea of her career for education of four children - Stephen, Anne, Sue and Nancy.
In school, he often sat at home and watched TV. The portable 8-millimeter movie camera received as a gift from his father was a so successful present, that after a while Stephen received the nickname "man - camera". Already a few months later, he tried to make short films with actors. In the first contest in his life (he was 12) he won presenting to the jury a 40-minute film about the war "Escape to Nowhere" (1960), in which his parents and sisters starred.
In March 24, 1963 in the theater of Phoenix (Ariz.) an unusual premiere took place - a two-hour movie "Heavenly Lights" produced by local schoolchildren headed by Steven Spielberg telling the story of an alien abduction. Steven’s parents financed the picture: it was invested about $600 in the project, free meals for the crew were ensured by Spielberg's mother, the father provided the help in building layouts.
Next, Stephen tried to enroll in the film school at the University of Southern…

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