A Brief Look at Subrata Roy

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Introduction- “ A table, two chairs, a Lambretta scooter and Rs. 2000 in pocket”. Many entrepreneurs may have similar beginnings, but none of them would match the person about whom we are going to discuss. The man, who formed India’s biggest family namely “Sahara Parivar”. A man, who did not care about the road blocks, who always had faith in himself and moved forward to show that roadblocks are nothing before determination and even demonstrated how they help in success. We are talking about Subrata Roy “Saharasree”. A smiley face and traditional moustache are the most common look of Saharesree. A man born in Bihar, where rarely any businessmen have been born, did the traditional “Lala-business” money-interest calculation, done by almost all the wealthy people in Indian villages and small town. Despite all odds against him, he still got success.

Journey In 1978, Subrata Roy started his business with Rs. 2000/- as capital. His first business was raising funds from the people. Due to some bad business by some businessman, the government banned this business in 1979-80. Roy’s first business went into vain and he had to make the payment immediately. After closure of first business, he started housing finance business. After 2 years, in 1982 the government imposed some ceiling on the raising fund for housing finance, which limited the growth rate and compelled him to think beyond it. After these incidences, Mr. Roy started mutual benefit company, but luck

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