A Brief Look at The Beatles

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An odd moniker for a band, their name was influenced by Buddy Holly’s group, The Crickets and subsequently changed several times. The group was originally started by McCartney, Harrison and Starr was only a session drummer at the time who loaned his talents to the popular “Love Me Do” track. It wasn’t until 1962 when Starr became a full fledged member and Beatlemania grew through all of Britain. “The Fab Four” was born. Though the band had a few obstacles in trying to reach stardom outside of the UK, through clever marketing and frequent radio play it was not long until the track “I Want to Hold Your Hand” sold a million copies in the United States. The band traveled to the States for a series of performances and interviews which is still known as the British Invasion. Their music was much tamer and less sexually driven than those of other bands of the time making their brand much more consumer friendly. The group looked the boys next door with a unique, humble charm. Their teenaged love stories appealed to the young while other tracks had messages that catered to the older fans. Truly they were a band for mass consumption and the World was eating them up. Their popularity in the 60s had them traveling the World with a sound that was unique and sometimes due to…

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