A Brief Look at Walmart

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‘Wally world’ also known as Walmart, is a corporate retail store that has made a major impact in people lives in the United States and even around the world. Wal-Mart is a great place to shop for variety of products in short time or just to go ‘window shopping’ with a group of friends. The items are well organized throughout the store where you can see signs of the departments within the store. Another advantage of Walmart is its low price. Wal-Mart supports slogans like “We sell for less” and “Always on low price”. As a large retail company, they have prices that are lower than local stores in your neighborhood and they are certain that one could save money by shopping at Walmart. Yet, Walmart has the tendency to be crowded, especially on the weekends that can make a shopping trip longer than it needs to be. Even with the large parking lot, it seems like full every time I visited Wal-Mart. However, when I do find a spot to park my car, a camera on a light post is already watching me before I even walk in the store. Once I walk out my car and lock it, I can see cameras all over the parking lot as I make my way into the store. Furthermore, I can see a security guard riding around in a patrol car within the parking lot. As I enter Walmart, an employee welcomes me to the store while I pass through metal detectors and officially enter the store. Cameras on every isle as I shop for groceries on a regular shopping trip, security seems like it is everywhere in and outside
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