A Brief Look at Washington Irving

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He was the first author to sell his stories abroad other than America. Washington Irving was born and raised in New York City on April 3, 1783, and he was the youngest of eleven children. Washington Irving was the first American to make a living as an author during his career in the early 1800’s. His short stories left a lasting and of most influential work. Irving’s short stories and poems were one of the first folk stories wrote and are still read about today. Washington Irving graduated from private school in 1798. He went on to law school and worked in a law office for a short period of time because he did not enjoy working in the law office. After leaving the law office he decided to go work in various different offices including writing for a couple of newspapers which was edited by his brother, Peter. Washington Irving first full length book appeared in December 1809. Many of the book plays were about the dutch settlers and the british. Irving continue to write for various newspapers until the death of his fiance, Matilda Hoffman, this left Irving struggling for several years. After struggling for about six years, Washington’s brothers made him part of the family business of the import/ export business. Irving still being saddened by the loss of his fiance wasn’t very motivated in the business, this eventually led…
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