A Brief Look at the Korean War

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To look at this conflict in terms of its impact simply upon the Korean population would be a mistake. Even looking at Korea as an isolated event within the larger narrative of the cold war would undermine the importance the Korean Conflict had on international politics and the direction of US foreign policy for the remaining cold war years. Yet, looking at the economic impacts and results of the Korean War in specific actually informs our understanding of how the US applied its use of military intervention to further its goal of combating communism undercurrents of American influences both affecting the Korean peninsula and other eastern Asian countries, specifically Japan. Although not directly involved in the combat during the Korean conflict, Japan played a key role in facilitating not only the production of materials for the war. By heavy investment and trade with Japan facilitated by the Korean War effort, the United States built a strong, independent and democratic nation in the far east that was resistant to communist forces. Finally, although the Korean War was fought by the United States to protect the sovereignty of the democratic South Korea, engaging in this conflict also justified further American expansion in Asia to combat the spread of communism without directly inflaming the…

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