A Brief Look at the Republic of Sudan

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Sudan is located in the North Valley in North Africa having borders with Red sea, Egypt to the North, Chad to the west, Libya to the northwest and Ethiopia to the east. Khartum is its capital and Sudan has other eighteen provinces, and its known to be the fifth largest county in the world in terms of the size.
Almost sixty percent of Sudanese populations are Muslims and they live in the North of Sudan whilst the rest in the Southern part practice Christianity.
The idea behind the integration of south and northern Sudan was an attempt to end the long term suffering of the Sudan and south Sudan population during the 19th and 20th centuries of being under the colonial rule of the Egypt and Britain and the “post-independence northern regime”, in Sudan. Egypt and Britain agreed upon giving Sudan independence by Arab Muslims in the North, Christians of the Southern Sudan and other minorities to join each other to form one Sudan nation.
The republic of Sudan is a highly diverse society consisting of nineteen ethnic groups and almost six hundred sub-groups, fifty two percent of which are Black Africans, thirty nine Arabs, six Beja and some three percent foreigners. The Christians are the black population that live in the southern part, the Arabs mainly live in the…
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