A Brief Look at the Work of Evan Holloway

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Evan Holloway resists any definite classifications. Holloway employs a wide variety of found objects such as tree branches, tires, and barbed wire, but also sculptural material such as steel and paper-Mache.
Holloway incorporates a lot of the figural objects into his sculptures. Small crudely formed faces created with sculptamould which is a material similar to plaster, are often found in his work. Usually adhered to steel rods or peering out from the side of the boxes. Each face is painted to highlight the eyes and mouth, therefore each expresses a certain degree of personality. For the work of 58, this face motif appears repeating itself fifty eight times. The work is part of an ambitious series of one hundred total works that presents a numbered sculpture with the corresponding amount of sculptamould faces easily balanced on steel rods. Based on doomsday theories about population growth, this sculpture is at once calculated and rigorous but also playful and amusing to look at.
When I look at this piece I see something different that I have never seen because when you first look at it you think “what is this?” it’s very random, but when you take a close look at it like at the face molds you see the face expressions on them and each one is different like there trying to tell a story about what’s going on. As well as it look like a depressing story was being told about lost souls in a certain era like a war of a great depression with people screaming for help with
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