A Brief Moment Of Silence, And Tony

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There was a brief moment of silence, and Tony could just imagine the steam curling out of Agent’s ears. Or Director Agent as Tony supposed Coulson should now be called. But you had to give it to the guy, no matter how he felt, he always sounded unflappable. “No Stark. Why are you taking the King of Asgard to New Jersey?” “Now did I just not say that we were going there because the houses were a lot closer together? The fact that it pisses Loki off is just a bonus.” “Stark, I have Romanoff on the way to see you right now, if you don’t cut the bull shit and tell me why the hell you’re doing going to New Jersey with the King of Asgard I’m let her have her way with you.” “Phil, I’m happily married man. Or should I say fairly content. You know…show more content…
Not that there was any way for Tony to call or text him until he actually got here. But Tony decided to leave pointing that out for another day. OoooO Natasha, who had met them down in the tower’s garage, was now in the kitchen making nice with Odin’s security, while Marji escorted the parents on a short tour of the lair. Or hovel as Odin no doubt considered it, not that Tony was arguing with him on that one. Loki, and Tony lounged in the living room watching Ash bouncing as he looked out the front big front window. “Daddy look!” Ash shrilled excitedly, pointing down at the street. And then when Tony didn’t move quick enough he darted over to where Tony was sitting on the couch and grabbed his shirt sleeve to try and drag him to the window faster. While it was still light out, Tony could see a costumed kid already being escorted somewhere by a much older sibling. “Is it time to go meet the other kids? Shall I go get Grand Sire and Grand Dam?” If they thought he had been enthusiastic before, now Ash was practically breathless as he vibrated with excitement. “Whoa buddy.” Tony laughed swinging the boy up on to his hip. “We don’t have to go meet anybody we have plenty of time, you need to calm down a bit okay?” Ash reared back and looked at him like he was crazy, his little face screwed up in puzzlement. “What?” Tony said giving him a little bounce when Ash just stared
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