A Brief Note On Active Processes Of Natural Phenomena

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Analysis of active processes in natural phenomea

Zenah Sakaamini

Rob Ley

Arch 501

November 16, 2015

Stories told through the lens of science are narrated by patterns as well as the breakdown of driving active processes of natural phenomena. Repulsion, which is a form of opposition and fusion are two of these active processes. Fusion describes a harmonious process of unification of two or more things in nature. Repulsion is the process in which two or more things repel and oppose each due to the forces of nature. Whether an active process, or its result, is ephemeral or permanent, many spatial conditions are defined or redefined to standards to which they operate by. This paper looks at examples of fusion and opposition drawn from natural microscopic and macroscopic phenomena. Not only that this paper will unearth phenomena within the natural sciences, it will also draw inspirations from fields and concepts within sociology, politics, history, and culture; a much needed dialogue in today’s global society. By doing so, the intention is to extract as many cases of how two opposing things come together and unify, and how this confrontation is spatially defined. How could we apply these conditions to solve architectural and spatial problems conceived through the subjection of one thing on another. In the world of the microcosm, a world governed by quantum mechanics, the observer is riddled with the zoo of particles; one set of…
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