A Brief Note On Agency And Status Role

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Biopsyhcosocial Agency and Status Role The agency in which this clinician is working is a resource center. The resource center connects individuals with resources throughout the community such as food banks, shelters, rental assistance and energy assistance. The program is grant funded and also offers many other services such as counseling, parenting classes, and bullying education. This client is self referred and came in to get some information and talk to someone about some current stressors in her life. Identifying Information Client is a thirty-year Caucasian woman and works full time as an esthetician manager. She currently lives with her father, mother, brother and daughter in an apartment. Client’s father has multiple sclerosis and she has been caring for him for approximately 6 years. Client’s mother and brother recently moved in due to their own financial hardship. Client’s brother is intellectually disabled and is also an Alcoholic. Client’s daughter is seven years old and attends public school full time. Client also has a tumultuous relationship with her daughter’s father. Presenting Problem Client came in seeking services about counseling. Her chief complaint is stress at work. She feels as though she has lost some of her motivation and excitement around the work that she does. She described loving her job when she first started. She stated that it was fun and she was able to leave work at work. Things were not difficult or stressful. However, at this time
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