A Brief Note On Air And Water Pollution

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There was a unique policy window for air and water pollution because of the fast growing involvement with the Environmental movement. On April 22nd 1970 the nation held it 's first Earth Day. Americans were eager to participate to demonstrate their loyalty to the planet. This accompanied by Nixon and other policy entrepreneurs ability to obtain a better solution to the air quality problem, resulted in the Clean Air Act. It was easier to generate the public’s support because public health became such a concern. Environmental issues were becoming visible to those who didn 't care before. The Cuyahoga River fire in Ohio was one of many problems being discovered by the public. The Santa Barbra oil spill and large amounts of smog in cities like Los Angeles, all allowed people to see the real issues with pollution. Pollution became such a visible issue to the public because it directly affected them, they were more inclined to support environmental policy.

Once the public made it clear that air pollution was a major concern, President Richard Nixon began to aggressively support the environmental issues. After the massive participation in the first Earth Day in 1970, Nixon signed an executive order to establish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA was created to be primarily in control of the Clean Air Act regulations and enforcement. Senator Edmund Muskie was another key political entrepreneur for the CAA. It was believed to be that Muskie was going to be Nixon 's

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